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Learn the fundamentals of the Java programming language.

Data types, control flow, methods , functions, OOP, I/O,  and more.

This course is suitable for beginners.

No experience required

Section 1Core of java
Lecture 1Introduction of java
Lecture 2Downloading and installing JDK
Lecture 3Downloading and installing Text Editor
Lecture 4First Java Program
Lecture 5JVM Architecture
Lecture 6Java Variables
Lecture 7Data Types
Lecture 8Operators
Lecture 9Scanners
Section 2Java Practical's
Lecture 10Java program Adding two integer
Lecture 11java program Multiply two floating numbers
Lecture 12Java program adding 3 integer numbers
Lecture 13java program Greeting
Lecture 14java program Greeting with Scanner
Lecture 15Java program operation numbers with scanner
Lecture 16Java program convert Celsius to Fahrenheit
Section 3Control Statement & Arrays
Lecture 17Control Statement
Lecture 18Java if Statement
Lecture 19java if and else Statement
Lecture 20Java if else if Statement
Lecture 21java for loop
Lecture 22Java Switch
Lecture 23Nested for loop
Lecture 24Pyramid nested for loop
Lecture 25While loop
Lecture 26Do while loop
Lecture 27Array
Lecture 28Multidimensional Arrays
Section 4 Java Methods
Lecture 29Creating Method
Lecture 30Calling Method
Lecture 31Parameters
Lecture 32Return value
Lecture 33Java Scope
Section 5Java OOP
Lecture 34Java Classes and Object
Lecture 35Class Attributes and Constructor
Lecture 36Java Modifiers
Lecture 37Java Encapsulation
Lecture 38Java inheritance
Lecture 39Java Abstract and interface
Section 6Exception Handling
Lecture 40Try and Catch
Lecture 41Finally and Throw Keyword

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