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courekan marka u qofku dhamaysto waxa uu noqon karaa

  • Muqaal sameeya proffesional ah
  • ¬†samayn kara noockasta oo muuqaal ah
  • Samayn kara xaysiisyada
  • hagaajinkara codada muuqalada sidoo
  • qurxinkara muuqaalka

Shuruudaha course kan

  • inuu qofku haysto computer
  • inuu qofku garanayo isticmaalka computerka
  • inuu qofku helayo internet marka softwareka la download garaynayo
Section 2Downloading , installing and overview
Lecture 2Downloading Adobe premiere CC 2022
Lecture 3Installing Adobe premiere CC 2022
Lecture 4overview part 1
Lecture 5overview part 2
Section 3Basic Editing
Lecture 61. Create Your First Project and Import Your Media
Lecture 72. Assemble Your First video
Lecture 83. Adding Music and editing
Lecture 94. adding Image and Text
Lecture 105.Adding Graphics
Lecture 116. Adding Transitions
Lecture 127. Export and Produce your Video
Section 4Basic Editing Tools
Lecture 131.Zooming vertical and horizontal
Lecture 142.Selection Tool
Lecture 153. Track Selection Tool
Lecture 164. Ripple, roll edit tool
Lecture 175.Razor Tool
Lecture 186.Slide and slip tool
Lecture 197.Pen tool
Lecture 208. Text Tool and Hand Tool
Section 5 Manipulating Clip Speed
Lecture 211.increase your video speed
Lecture 222.Decrease speed in video
Lecture 233.Freeze frame
Lecture 244. speed duration and reverse
Section 6Essential Audio Editing
Lecture 251. Splitting audio and video
Lecture 262. increase and decrease audio level
Section 7 Graphics Workspace Text, Shapes, Lower Thirds and More
Lecture 271. Adding graphics in video
Lecture 282.Adding motion to graphics in video
Lecture 293. Making scrolling text and logo motion
Section 8 Adding , Editing and Creating Transition - Video, Audio and Stills
Lecture 301. Adding graphics in video
Lecture 312.Editing Transitions
Lecture 323. Custom Transitions with Color Mattes
Section 9 The Color Correction
Lecture 331. Adjusting color correction
Lecture 342.color correction using curves
Section 10 Chromakeying in Premiere Pro CC
Lecture 351. Removing Green background
Lecture 362. removing green screen and clean up
Lecture 373.adding shadow
Section 11course projects
Lecture 38project 1 . Making logo intro
Lecture 39project 2. Making news broadcast
Lecture 40project 3. Making ads and slide show

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